Hacking job interviews

We are a team of two hackers having previous experience at Microsoft, Amazon and Google Summer of Code. We are working very hard to build an awesome product to learn programming, prepare for technical interviews and get jobs.

How it started

We are undergraduate computer science students who love to develop cool, innovative and useful softwares that create an impact. There are loads of job opportunities out there, and a lot of brilliant students and programmers who fail to cash in on them due to lack of proper preparation and information. We realized it in our senior year, and then we set out to build something that can fill this gap. And, that's how MyCareerStack was born!

We are writing thousands of lines of code as you are reading this hoping that we can change the way people learn programming and get jobs in future! And, we have miles to go before we sleep :-)

If you want to chat with us, please drop a line at contact@mycareerstack.com or via contact form.

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